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I thought that when the Jays signed Sergio Santos in the off-season that he would be an improvement over the likes of John Rauch and Frank Francisco…but he has made 3 appearances with 2 blown saves to start off the 2012 season. And he embarrassed himself in the home opener in front of 48,000+ fans.

The Jays haven’t run away with any games yet. All of their games so far have pretty much come down to the last pitch. Santos came in with a 2-1 lead in the 9th to close it out last night. His first pitch was a fastball that was laced to left field by Pedroia for a double…not a good start. Then there was a series of wild pitches, and a couple of bad bounces that handcuffed Arencibia. Next thing you know, the Jays are down 4-2, and that’s how it ended.

Hopefully something changes, because if a lot of games are going to rely on a 1-run cushion for Sergio Santos…there could be problems in T.O.