First off let me state that hockey isn’t one of my favourite sports. Ironically it’s because everyone in Canada talks about it as if it’s the holy grail. On top of that while the NBA has hosts with great personalities such as Shaq Diesel and Charles Gamblor Barkley the NHL is stuck with bums like Nick (I hate his face) Kypreos and segments like “Satellite Hotstove” on at primetime. I better save the how to fix hockey chatter for a future blog, let me get to the point..

Hockey is a barbaric sport, it’s the only sport in which you’re allowed to bare knuckle box. These athletes fight, bash each others faces in, get knocked around with dirty plays like elbows and cross checks to the face/head and yet the NHL isn’t doing anything about it. The violence in the game is clearly being demonstrated these playoffs. From the numerous fights in the Ottawa/NY and Philly/Pitt series to the dirty plays of Raffi Torres’ hit on Marian Hossa and Nick Backstrom on Rich Peverley.

All this chatter about “player safety” and “concussions” really pisses me off. If you want your players to be safe ban fighting, if you’re worried about concussions then suspend players for more than 1 game when they take their stick and cross check an opponent in the face during a game.