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I must give (T) some credit…he held off on his “I hate hockey” rant and said something useful. Although I agree with some of the points he made, I’d like to point out that the sport of hockey is not “barbaric” in nature, it only appears that way due to the way about 10% of the players decide to play it.

I think most people would agree that hockey is dangerous simply because there are high speed collisions, sharp skate blades, pucks flying 100mph, hard boards surrounding the perimeter of the ice…the list goes on. On top of these essential parts of the sport, there are a few idiots that go above and beyond being dangerous, by administering brutal head shots, cross checks, or hits from behind. Some of the obvious culprits are Raffi Torres, Arron Asham, Dan Carcillo, and Matt Cooke. There are many more, but these are the few that came to mind.

Lately, instead of hearing about all the skill and great play there are in the playoffs, we have to put up with reporters analyzing concussions, head shots, and suspensions. I’m getting sick of it, I think everyone is. Some injuries are going to happen. This is a contact sport, with high speed body checking. But can we please just get rid of the BS that happens between whistles, the blind side hits on players without the puck, the “message sending” hits from behind?

Hockey is a great exciting sport that is being given a bad name, because of stupid decisions by a small percentage of players in the league. Fighting is not the major reason players are getting injured (I have no problem with the fighting, it at least helps release some of the aggression between 2 guys that are both willing and expected to get hit).

The only way to ensure that the league is 99.9% safe (can never be 100% in a sport like this) is to eliminate hitting from the game, and resort to playing shinny hockey. More suspensions may help, but it will never eliminate the possibility of players deciding in a split second that they are going to lay someone out.