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Group C is still up for grabs, with Croatia winning their first game, they lead the group with 3 points. Italy and Spain are tied for the second spot as they played to a 1-1 draw in their first game. Ireland is in the basement and needs a miracle.

Italy vs Croatia

This game is very important and has a big impact on the standings of the group. Most analysts are picking Spain to win the group, so one would expect that one of these teams will take the 2nd spot. Croatia looked good in their 3-1 win vs Ireland, but Ireland doesn’t have the defensive strength of Italy. Will Italy play the controversial Balotelli at striker, or will they replace him with Italy’s first goal scorer Di Natale?

Prediction: Italy wins 2-0

Spain vs Ireland

Ireland are playing for their tournament lives in this game. With their loss to Croatia in the opening match, they are now stuck playing two powerhouses in Spain and Italy in their final 2 games, hoping to get some points in the group. Spain looked good against Italy, but not unbeatable. With their 4-3-3 formation, it seems like they are putting more emphasis on protecting the midfield than scoring goals. When Torres came in late in the match with Italy, he opened the game up and created chances. It should be even easier to create chances against Ireland.

Prediction: Spain wins 2-0