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The standings in the group of death in the Euro 2012 tournament will finally be decided today. As with other groups, this one is still wide open for the taking, although Germany is in a good position to take the top spot, second place is up for grabs. There is a scenario where if Holland wins and Denmark loses, then along with Portugal they will all be tied with 3 points and could go to goal differential to decide who moves on. This will make for even more interesting games today!

Germany vs. Denmark

Denmark may have surprised some people with their 1-0 win over Holland, and they almost upset Portgual as well. Will they cause the Germans any problems? Well…no, because it’s a must win game for the Danes. What does that mean? It means they need to score, and that will definitely open up their defense to allow Germany to do what they do best, attack. Look for Germany to take this one even though a tie will solidify them in first place in the group.

Prediction: Germany win 2-0

Netherlands vs. Portugal

The Netherlands HAVE to win in order to keep their tournament hopes alive. They also need to hope that Germany smashes Denmark by a considerable margin. The Netherlands have been disappointing at this tournament, they’ve had some offensive flare but haven’t been able to score much, and their defense isn’t exactly bulletproof. Portugal were lucky to get by Denmark the way they did, late in the game. To ensure they have a place in the knockout stages, they must try to win this game. Therefore, both of these teams need a win, which can lead to a very offensive game. If we have to choose between Holland and Portugal in an offensive game, we are going to take Holland every day…and twice on Sunday!

Prediction: Holland win 2-1