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Today we found out who the first finalist is at Euro 2012, as Spain eliminated Portugal in penalty kicks. Next up, Germany takes on Italy to determine the other finalist. These teams have a history, with Italy taking down Germany in the World Cup of 2006 in extra time. Both teams have the potential to win the game, but how do they match up against each other? Let’s have a look…

Germany progressed to this semifinal somewhat easily over Greece, who had no business being in that game. They also won the group of death. Germany has the potential to win the whole tournament, with a combination of young talent and veteran experience. Their attacking mentality as a team cannot be matched by any team in the tournament, and even the young guns that started last game, Reus and Schurrle, stepped in seamlessly. They completely dominated Greece offensively, and even got a bit lazy on defense. That cannot be the case against Italy. Regardless of who starts up front for this team, they will attack, as well as try to control the midfield with the likes of Schweinsteiger and Ozil.

Italy had to beat England to reach the semis, but they needed penalties to do it. That being said, they weren’t without their chances against England, as they dominated possession as well as scoring chances. They just couldn’t capitalize on any of them. One thinks it’s only a matter of time before Balotelli starts sending more of the crosses home, but he better do it here or Italy won’t be able to keep up with the Germans. Look for Pirlo to do what he does best, pass the ball, and for the Italian defense to be strong. It wouldn’t be surprising if we see Italy shell up against the Germans similar to what Portugal did against them, to try to settle things down.

This game will most likely be a close one. Germany will attack and potentially get opened up allowing for the Italians to counter-attack. So what’s going to happen? Let’s just quote Gary Lineker and say that “Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.”

Prediction: Germany wins 2-1