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Reports indicate that the Toronto Raptors have made an offer to the coveted free agent Steve Nash for a reported $36 million for 3 years. There are a few different vibes out there with this news, some fans think it’s great and some aren’t so thrilled. Lets quickly evaluate some pros and cons.

Cons – Steve Nash is 38 years old with back problems and we’re talking about $36 million which would make him the highest paid player on the team at $12 million per year. It’s not unfair to say that Nash won’t be able to sustain his highest level of play for the next three years, question is how much gas does he really have left in the tank. On the defensive end Steve Nash has always been a liability, but so has every other Raptors point guard in the past (watch Jose Calderon get his ankles broken). The main question in the argument against signing Nash is what else can Toronto get with the money they’d spend on him.

Pros – He’s Canadian, which would be amazing for the franchise and a marketing dream. He’s undoubtably a hall of famer and one of the best point guards to ever play in the NBA. The 2 time league MVP would instantly qualify the Raptors for a playoff discussion, even if they don’t make any moves (remember last years draft pick Jonas Valanciunas is making his NBA debut this season). His basketball IQ and court vision is like no other making him one of if not the best passer in the game. He’s an excellent free throw and 3 point shooter who can create his own shot, but more importantly who can create shots for his teammates.

TwoVibes Opinion – Toronto Raptors should sign Steve Nash. The Raptors have a lot of young talent but ever since Vince Carter sold out they haven’t had a player who can create his own shot. The point isn’t that Nash will score 30 points a game, but the fact that he seems to with ease create open shots/alley oops for his teammates which makes him an invaluable piece. Demar Derozen and Andrea Bargnani must be somewhere drooling thinking about the possibility that Nash would join the Raptors. Although he’s a liability at the defensive end the Raptors have built a strong culture around defense last season credited to new coach Dwane Casey and their team defense has improved tremendously. Jarred Bayless is a wild card in all this, the one time high prospect has shown glimpses of being a great player and put under the wing of Steve Nash it could open a great opportunity for him to further develop his game and take over the reigns once Nash retires. We anticipate the Raptors making the playoffs this season if Nash joins.