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  1. Well as far as the Bakken formation goes there is enguoh verified oil there to supply the United States oil needs for one year. When you add it to what we already have, it’s significant. When you take it by itself, not so much.But farmers already are farming around these wind towers. They have to be spaced apart you can’t just pile them one on top of each other. I also think that returning all of North Dakota to grazing land is a pipe dream. North Dakota soil is just to fertile to waste it on animals. But I also believe that the soil would be better served growing grains other than corn, dry beans, and soy beans.As far as Devil’s Lake goes, we absolutely cannot let the Devil’s Lake Sub-Basin overflow into the Sheyenne River. There already is a small outlet connecting the two, and it is making virtually no impact whatsoever on the Devil’s Lake water. It is, however, poisoning the water supply downstream. Devil’s Lake water is highly salinated. It currently costs way too much money to build desalinization plants downstream to treat water that comes from Devil’s Lake. I also believe that the same treatment would have to be undertaken in order to use Devil’s Lake water in the capacity you suggest, for hydrogen power. The water would have to be distilled first, and that would add a hefty price tag to the cost of the power. No, the solution to the Devil’s Lake problem is to restore the upstream wetlands whose drainage caused the problem to begin with. Did you know that more wetland acres in the Devils Lake Sub-Basin have been drained since 1970 than the entire size of Devils Lake as it sits today? That’s a problem.

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