Christmas Girls – Happy Holidays!


1 thought on “Hot Christmas Girl 6”

  1. 1) Land use and integrating famrnald with windfarmsBryan, from your statement, you really haven’t been out in the rural area’s and actually seen how farms function, have you? They need to be cultivated and irrigated. The cultivation is often done with large vehicles that work efficiently in straight lines or at best, very gentle curves. They don’t do tight circles very well. Whats the kicker is the irrigation though. They have these very large, semi mobile irrigation systems that go in a huge lazy circle of from 100 to 300 (a 200 -600 circle). These cannot have any barriers or they won’t work. Without irrigation, you have no crops. No farmer is going to sacrifice his crops for windmills unless . As much as the idea of integrating farms with windmills goes, its very limited to the semi usable land unless you graze animals on it instead. Then you have no limits.

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