NFL Thursday Matchup – Denver vs. Oakland…Who’s Hotter?


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It’s Thursday night, time for an NFL cheerleader matchup as Denver is at Oakland…we pretty much know what’s going to happen on the field, as Denver shouldn’t have any trouble beating the Raiders.

That being said, who’s got the hotter cheerleader?

Let us know what you think!

Denver Oakland











Yvonne Strahovki – Girl of the day


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Going to try to start a new theme here folks – “Girl of the day” (not everyday but we’ll try to keep it up).

This Polish bombshell is currently on the cast of Dexter and you may recognize her from the discontinued tv show Chuck. She’s a stunner no doubt. Follow us @twovibes to get the latest Girl of the Day!



NFL Week 7 Predictions


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Week 7 can be considered a big week in the NFL. You’ve seen what the teams are made of, and what their capabilities are. That being said, this year is one of the more difficult ones to predict, as most of the team records show. Let’s have a look at some of the best bets this week…

New Orleans (-3.5) at Tampa Bay

One team that still shouldn’t be trusted is the New Orleans Saints. Sure they have weapons on offense, but what’s losing their games is their defense, particularly their pass defense. That’s not a good sign for them this week, as Josh Freeman just might be coming alive, he showed that last week. This will probably be a high scoring game, with Tampa Bay at least covering the spread.

Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3.5

Arizona at Minnesota (-6)

Kevin Kolb is out for Arizona, and they’ll be relying on John Skelton to go into Minnesota and try to lead them past the Vikings. Arizona has dismal pass protection, allowing sacks until the cows come home. Will Skelton even be able to make it through the whole game with Jared Allen breathing down his neck on every play? Arizona does have decent defense, but Minnesota has proven to put points on the board, especially at home. The Vikings should take this one, Arizona is starting to show it’s true colours.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings -6

New York Jets at New England (-10.5)

Big divisional matchup here, with all 4 teams in the AFC East tied at 3-3. The Jets destroyed the Colts last week, and the Patriots lost at the end of the game to a tough Seahawks team in Seattle. Yes, the Patriots will be pissed. However, this spread is huge for a game of this importance. The Jets won’t win this game, but the Pats won’t blow them out. These teams know each other well, and it should be close in the fight for the division lead.

Pick: New York Jets (+10.5)

Survivor Pool Picks

If you haven’t already used New England or San Francisco, this could be the time to give both a look, as they are the heaviest favourites. Both teams lost last week, and both are at home. Both teams should have better records than they do, and they should both bounce back this week. San Francisco is playing a Seattle team that has to travel on a short week. As mentioned earlier, although the New England/Jets game should be close, they should still win. Another backup to consider would be Minnesota.

Teams to avoid this week would be the NY Giants (vs. Washington), Houston (vs. Baltimore), and Green Bay (vs. St. Louis), as they are all dangerous matchups.

Picks: San Francisco 49ers (backup would be the New England Patriots, or Minnesota Vikings)

NFL Week 3 Matchups


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It’s week 3 in the NFL, and yes there have already been big upsets, disappointments, and surprises. The Saints starting at 0-2? The Patriots losing to the Cardinals? The Eagles are 2-0 with 9 turnovers in those 2 games? Anything can happen on any given Sunday…Check out the week 3 matchups below!

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The biggest game on the slate looks to be New England at Baltimore. Both teams are 1-1 and are coming off a loss (did New England ruin your survivor pool too?), and they’ll be hungry for wins. This should be a great game.

New Orleans cannot go 0-3 to start the year, especially with all the parity in the league now, as some bad teams have started to turn the corner. They have it somewhat easy this week as they host the 0-2 Chiefs, but their defense is very suspect. This has high scoring game written all over it.

Best Bets

Survivor pool picks: Chicago over St. Louis, or New Orleans over Kansas City

Chicago’s defense will help them past St. Louis, and they’ll get back on track being at home this game. New Orleans HAS to win this game to stay competitive in their division.

Against the spread: Miami +3.5, San Diego – 3

Miami manhandled Oakland at home last week (yes, we know it’s Oakland, but they still won handily), and the Jets got shown the door in Pittsburgh. Now the Jets have to travel to Miami to face a divisional rival who’s on a high. We’ll take the points.

Atlanta looked good on the scoreboard against Denver, but that’s thanks to 3 picks thrown by Peyton in the first quarter. Without those, Atlanta probably would have had 13 less points and lost the game. Now they have to travel across the country to face a hot San Diego team at home, who’s defense is playing great.

What are your thoughts?

Is Steve Nash a good fit for the Toronto Raptors?


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Reports indicate that the Toronto Raptors have made an offer to the coveted free agent Steve Nash for a reported $36 million for 3 years. There are a few different vibes out there with this news, some fans think it’s great and some aren’t so thrilled. Lets quickly evaluate some pros and cons.

Cons – Steve Nash is 38 years old with back problems and we’re talking about $36 million which would make him the highest paid player on the team at $12 million per year. It’s not unfair to say that Nash won’t be able to sustain his highest level of play for the next three years, question is how much gas does he really have left in the tank. On the defensive end Steve Nash has always been a liability, but so has every other Raptors point guard in the past (watch Jose Calderon get his ankles broken). The main question in the argument against signing Nash is what else can Toronto get with the money they’d spend on him.

Pros – He’s Canadian, which would be amazing for the franchise and a marketing dream. He’s undoubtably a hall of famer and one of the best point guards to ever play in the NBA. The 2 time league MVP would instantly qualify the Raptors for a playoff discussion, even if they don’t make any moves (remember last years draft pick Jonas Valanciunas is making his NBA debut this season). His basketball IQ and court vision is like no other making him one of if not the best passer in the game. He’s an excellent free throw and 3 point shooter who can create his own shot, but more importantly who can create shots for his teammates.

TwoVibes Opinion – Toronto Raptors should sign Steve Nash. The Raptors have a lot of young talent but ever since Vince Carter sold out they haven’t had a player who can create his own shot. The point isn’t that Nash will score 30 points a game, but the fact that he seems to with ease create open shots/alley oops for his teammates which makes him an invaluable piece. Demar Derozen and Andrea Bargnani must be somewhere drooling thinking about the possibility that Nash would join the Raptors. Although he’s a liability at the defensive end the Raptors have built a strong culture around defense last season credited to new coach Dwane Casey and their team defense has improved tremendously. Jarred Bayless is a wild card in all this, the one time high prospect has shown glimpses of being a great player and put under the wing of Steve Nash it could open a great opportunity for him to further develop his game and take over the reigns once Nash retires. We anticipate the Raptors making the playoffs this season if Nash joins.